April 2012

Troll Bridge

Yolen’s YA tale is fun, but not as enjoyable as her adult fairytales.

It’s no secret that I am utterly in love with Jane Yolen and pretty much every single thing she writes, from children’s books to amazing speculative fiction short stories in adult compilations. She’s pretty much one of the queens of the modern fairytale, and I will read anything with her name attached. When I saw that she had penned a young adult novel with her rock and roll musician son, Adam Stemple, I knew I had to read it.

Like I guessed, Troll Bridge: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Fairytale, was an enjoyable read, though I didn’t enjoy the format so much. It was told all in third person point of view, though some chapters were clearly from different character’s situations—which was fine—but some of it was through a few brief interludes featuring a radio station with updates in the “real” world, rather than in the fairytale land where it took place, and that was sort of annoying. It reminded me of novels I read as a child in school where we had to analyze setting or voice or whatever and it was used on purpose.